Online or Offline

Every player knows that he deserves a certain signup fee if he subscribes for a certain casino site. Therefore, a casino that won't offer such a promotion could not expect too many players. Moreover, some casinos also use rakeback sites for poker. A rakeback site is a representative of some casino that offers a small amount of money to the players gambling at that certain website.

Therefore, if you are gambling 1000 dollars a month on casino poker, you could expect 20- 30 dollars from the rakeback site. Of course, this sum might look insignificant, but you will surely be happy about that money if your poker account gets empty.

The web-based casinos are also offering some live alternatives to the players. The live dealer is a new trend, and every online casino that respects itself would offer this option. A live dealer means that the player gambles online, but the game takes place at a real casino. The dealer is followed by the online players with the webcams, so the playing experience is as close to real as possible. However, the majority of players are betting online to avoid the rigged tables of the real casinos, therefore this option might not be appealing for them.

Interface and appearance

The online casinos are also trying to give pleasant interfaces to the players. Although those advanced Java casinos might be a little demanding with the computer's resources, it is definitely worth it to take such an opportunity. Moreover, the casinos that are concerned about their aspects are also more rewarding to the players. Choose the flash versions if your computer can't support the downloadable version of a certain casino, as those versions are also safe and secure.

Certain software can be helpful for online casino playing. While some of those programs might be illegal, you can find some useful programs that are approved by the casinos. For instance, a program that remembers the last winning numbers on the roulette will be accepted by all the online casinos. A program that anticipates the casino's algorithm to generate poker cards is strictly prohibited, and the casino would block your account without any warnings.

Don't be too concerned about this aspect. Usually, the casinos can't prove that you are using illegal software. The decision of using such programs is up to you. However, the casinos might invite you to play in real casinos if you are good online. If you are using such software, you will be exposed once you would start to lose some important money to the real tables.