Cheating methods

Today, as the majority of real casinos introduced the face recognition systems and online casinos have some complicated algorithms, cheating is harder. The players are always trying to come up with something new, and they are always finding some new revolutionary methods to cheat the casinos.

Casino cheating

Blackjack is the easiest game to cheat. The odds to win are 2:1, there are limited combinations possible, and counting cards is not so hard for some established players. Card counting is somehow an obsolete method, as it is not possible for the online casinos, and the real casinos have Pit Bosses that are highly trained to find players using this technique.

  • The most popular cheating method implies a live dealer also. The player and the dealer would talk about this strategy at home. Later on, the dealer would throw away the cards to the player in a special manner. As the dealer has some experience in throwing the cards, he could make them land in a special way. A card that lands parallel with the betting box of the table means a Royal card or an Ace. A card that lands far away from the betting box means a small card, and two cards placed perfectly one the other means a straight blackjack. As sometimes the player only gambles against that dealer, some special eye signs could be done.
  • Another old method is marking the cards. However, the casinos are aware of this technique; therefore, they are using special lights to spot those cards. The dealer and the player could be punished, and we are not talking about a few words and the interdiction to enter the casino.
  • Another version of cards counting is fake shuffling. As the game ends, a smart player could remember the cards from the decks. The dealer fakes shuffling, and the cards would come up on the table in the same order.

Electronic cheating methods

The casinos are not some charity organizations. As we are talking about greedy persons running them, it might also be possible to find some rigged roulette tables or dealers that could make the players to lose.

The simplest method is to place magnets under the roulette table. The magnets would draw the ball on a certain number, making all the players at the table to loose.

Online cheating

The simplest method to cheat online is to use software. Some advanced programs of this kind could follow the casinos for days, cracking the algorithms and the Random Number Allocator. Therefore, when the player joins the table, he would know exactly what to expect.