Blackjack about

The majority of casino books and professional gamblers confirm that from variety of casino games, Blackjack is one of the fewest, which strategies are working. The history of this game began in France in the 17th century. At that time the game "21" which is translated as Vingt En Un, gave a basis to the appearance of modern Blackjack.

Cards and Gamblers

The quantity of gamblers depends on the number of betting areas that can be occupied. These areas are called "boxes". The value of cards is following: Picture cards such as King, Queen, Jack are valued at 10, Aces have either 1 or 11 points, due to the wish of gambler, cards from 2 till 9 have their direct values. Ace and 10 is the most valued combination which is called Blackjack.

Process of the game

Each gambler plays separately against casino. The amount of bet shouldn't be more than established maximum. Bets can vary from 5 to 100$, 25-500$ or 25-100$. Player can bet on several boxes. At the beginning of the game, all players make their bets. Dealer passes two cards to each player by turn and one takes for himself. All participants are trying to make their combination better, by taking more cards till the established number of points. Player can take no more than 21 point, dealer's maximum is 17.

Blackjack card counting

Many people ask, what steps to apply in order to win Blackjack? This game has effective strategy that is based on the card counting. All you need to do is to learn basic card counting systems, choose the most suitable and apply it on practice. From the very well-known systems are: KO Count, Hi-Opt I Count, Hi-Opt II Count, Hi-Lo Count.

In addition to card counting systems, you can apply betting systems that are also based on the mathematical actions. From widely-used systems are: Labouchere, Paroli, Martingale etc.

Useful Blackjack books

You can either find the Blackjack guide in internet or read such useful books as: "Professional Blackjack" (1994). Author- Stanford Wong, Beat the Dealer by Edward o Thorp (1966). They will give you examples on how to win Blackjack by using winning techniques.