Counting systems

Although Harvey Dubner is considered the inventor of this technique, Thorpe is the player that brought it to perfection. The technique is simple, as long as you can remember a sequence of 52 cards in a row. The system could also be applied for two decks of cards, and some smart players such as Wong claimed that the system could be applied for blackjack games with four decks of cards.

However, you would need a team to apply this system. Some players are responsible about finding the best tables, while the rabbits would try to keep the Pit Bosses distracted.

Hi-Lo Count

The Hi-Lo system is based on giving values to the cards. Here are the values of the cards for the simple counting strategy:

The system can only be applied if the game uses one deck of cards, and the cards are not shuffled after each game. Don't worry, as this is the system used in the majority of casinos. As you begin to see what cards are out of the game, you must begin to add those values. If you have 40 cards out of the game and your total is 14, it means that all the high cards are still in the game; therefore, it would be a great idea for the player to start gambling seriously.

There are some other considerations to keep in mind. First, a player that wins 10 000 dollars from his first 10 minutes at a table will surely attract the attention of the casino's personnel. Therefore, you must win decent sums, and your team members must perform some other tasks. Some players could pretend to be drunk, making noises and wining about their lost money. You would also need a team member at your table gambling the minimum stakes. This way, you could consult with him in case you are losing the count or you are distracted by some other reasons.

The system is not simple to apply these days. The casino's personnel are highly trained to spot the card counters. Moreover, more and more casinos are using more decks of cards for the same game, and they are using rigged decks against those players.

Again, the smartest method is to bet smart and to leave the casino before attracting attention on you. As the casinos are using face recognition programs, it is better for the rest of the team remembers to spend some more time in the casinos. Disguises are also recommended after a while, as well as switching the town of your gambling initiative from time to time.