The roulette game offers the most important payouts from the online environment. However, this is a true statement only for the best casino players. Think about it: a smart player gambles 100 dollars on a certain online casino and he gets out with 1000 dollars at the end of the evening. The casino must also take its share, and we are talking about 5 to 7 percent of every gambled sum. We are talking about 1005 or 1007 dollars (1000 for the player that wins and 5 or 7 for the casino). Where does this money come from? The answer is simple: other players.

House Edge

The majority of beginner players are attracted about the house edge. The casino clearly states in the terms and conditions section that the house edge is 5 percent. This means that the casino draws 5 dollars from every 100 dollars gambled on the site. This is imposed by law; therefore, you won't find a casino with a house edge greater than 7 percent. A beginner would think: 5 or 7 dollars for 1 hour of fun is not that much. The player won't realize that the casino is forced to give 95 or 93 dollars back for every 100 dollars gambled on the site. Whether the casino gives the money to one player or another, it is totally its decision.

Back to our scenario, the casino must find 1007 dollars quickly. What would the casino software do? Well, it would find 50 beginner players gambling on slots games. The casino would take all their money, paying the winning player and taking its share.

Do not fill others' pockets

The dream of every beginner is to become one of those players that are winning all the time on the roulette game. However, the secret is not to bet more, is to bet smarter. A casino will always take the money of those beginners that are risking all their humble bankroll on a single number. A smart beginner player would only bet with the smallest sum, although he might have 1000 dollars on his bankroll. This way, he would create a solid rollover. The casino likes high rollovers, as this means more earnings for them.

Soon, you will discover that you are winning even from those small stakes. This means that the casino rated you higher, giving you the possibility to win some more money. In this moment, it is advisable to raise your stakes slowly. Don't bet more than you can afford, leave the loosing tables and you will become the guru of the online roulette game after a while.