Casinos and rewarding systems

All casino types land-based and online have their rewarding systems, which encourage gamblers to play more. Online casinos are more popular for today, with the help of such rewards as bonuses, which live casinos do not have. However, real casinos implement free items or comps, in other words. The more player gamble, the more extras he will receive. Casinos determine the value of comps according to the average bet. Comps may vary from free food and drinks to the free hotel rooms.

Online casinos attract people according to the bonus systems. Before choosing casino and bonus system, read casino guide that will help you.

There are many variations of bonuses. All of them may be divided into cashable and non-cashable. The first type in comparison to the second one may be withdrawn from the account.

Sign up bonus

Sign up bonus or welcome is given at registration, after the first deposit is made. Sign up bonus can be expressed either as a Percentage bonus or Match.

Percentage bonus is varies from 50% to 500% depending on the first amount.

Match bonus is a 100% bonus. It means if your first contribution will be 100$, casino will provide you with 100$ more.

No deposit bonus

With this bonus you will not have to put some money on your account, casino will do this instead of you. Usually, No deposit bonus equals to 10$.

Preferred deposit bonus

As you may know online casinos cope with different payment systems and methods. Preferred deposit bonus may offer from 5% to 15% on your account due to the payment system you use.

Weekly and Monthly bonus

The name tells for itself. These bonuses are credited ones a week or a moth in a percentage correlation.

Loyalty bonus

This bonus is credited on the account of those clients who are staying with casino for a long period of time or have reached seniority levels. The more is your status the higher bonus you will receive.