Basic Roulette info

Commonly played Roulette types are American end European. The first one has higher house edge (5.26%) than the last one (2.63%). The case is in table layout differences. American roulette has zero and a double zero on table layout, when European has only single zero. This fact increases your chances on win.

You can either play roulette in live casino or in online ones, the process of the game will not be different.

Gaming process

It is very simple to comprehend roulette rules, however, you will have to take some pains to memorize betting types and winning tips. So, all what you have to do is just to make your bet and wait until the ball will lends into some socket.

Types of bets

Inside bets are made on the center of table layout. They are:

  • Square bet is made on one of four numbers.
  • Street bet is made on three different numbers by placing chips on the intersection line.
  • Split bet. Chip is placed between two numbers.
  • Straight-up. The most popular bet and the most risky, because it is made only on one number.

Outside bets are situated along the borders of table layout. They have the higher winning odds than previous ones, but lower payouts. To such bets belong:

  • Red/Black. Bet is on one of the colors.
  • Odd/Even. Bet on either even or odd number.
  • High/Low. The outcome of bet depends on whether the number is high (19-36) or low (1-18).
  • Dozen. Bet is made on three groups of dozen numbers (1-12,3-24, 25-36).
  • Column. Bet is made on one of the columns.

Advice for Playing

  • Play free roulette online in order to get used to this game.
  • Choose European roulette.
  • Remember that Roulette is basically game of luck, therefore there is no need to apply strategy.
  • Choose bets that have high winning odds (outside).
  • Establish your bankroll.