Roulette tips

Tip #1 : How to risk less money for more jackpots

A payout of 1 to 35 sounds appealing for every online casino player. You could get this earning s if you are betting on a single number on the roulette. If your number is drawn as a winner, you will get this 1 to 35 payout. As you could bet 50 dollars on a single number on some roulette games, we would let you to make the calculations by yourself.

Getting lucky one time is easy. The casino would offer you these earnings, so it would convince you to bet more. At this point of the game, you will have two possibilities in your hands:

  1. Leave the table as a winner, and call it a fruitful gambling day.
  2. Take all your earnings, split them into 34 parts and start betting again. Even if you are losing all the 34 bets (and that is a rare possibility), you will remain with your stake doubled. Again, call it a fruitful gambling day.

Tip #2: The truth about progressive money management strategies

The martingale strategy is well known and promoted everywhere online. It is a huge trap, especially for those beginners that are thinking they could win some serious money with this strategy. The strategy says that you should double your bets while you are losing. This way, you would recover all the lost money from the previous sessions with a single lucky strike. The strategy can only be applied to 1:2 odds bets, but it is ineffective even for those high chanced bets.

The casino has the simplest method against those players. It would set a maximum allowed bet on every game. Usually, we are talking about 25 or 100 dollars gambled on every session. Let's go to the calculation part now.

You place a bet of 1 dollar. You lose. You will have to bet 2 dollars for the second session. The game goes on with your bets rising to 4, 8, 16 dollars respectively. If you lose all those hands, you will have to bet 32. As the maximum allowed bet is 25, you won't be able to bet 32. Therefore, your total losses would be 1+2+4+8+16=31 dollars.

The simplest advice is not to use this strategy. It is useless, and it could cost you some serious money on the long run.

Tip #3 : How to calculate the house edge

While the online blackjack game gives you a house edge of 5 percent, a horse would give a house edge of 20 %. Of course, your first impulse would be to leave those horses away and to bet on blackjack. Actually, this might not be such a good idea, as horses are different and they could be anticipated, while the earnings of the blackjack table are entirely decided by the casino.