Craps rules

The meaning of Craps game isn't complicated the same as rules. But, types of bets and their odds have to be memorized. This is namely the factor which makes game sophisticated. You may play this game in two variants either in land-based casino or in virtual one. Online Craps doesn't differ from that in real casino. It has the same rules, however online casino might offer some bonuses for playing. In comparison to other games such as Blackjack, for example, Craps is a game of luck, therefore craps strategy doesn't exist.

Craps playing process

From all players, one will play the role of "shooter" - the person who will roll the dice. At the beginning all players make their bets on "Pass line" or "Don't pass" line, after that game begins. First step of the game determines its outcome.

The first step which is Come-out determines point number. In other cases:

  • If the first combination is 2, 3, or 12 what is called Craps, Pass line loses, Don't pass - wins in correlation of 1 to 1
  • If 12, 2 or 3 rolls the bet is back to the owners.
  • If 7 or 11 rolls, Pass line wins and this is called Natural

If the point number isn't determined, the second step of this game which is called Point Roll takes its effect. It means that the shooter still rolls a dice until the Point number rolls. I

In case of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 12 (point) Pass Line wins, Don't Pass loses. In case of 7, vice versa. Bets on Pass Line and Don't Pass Line can be made until the first round. Come and Don't Come can be implemented in any time. In addition to described above bets, there are various types of bets that can be performed as for example:

  • Place bets are appropriate after the point number is established. Bet can be made on point number and is winning when point rolls before 7.
  • Field bets are conventional only for one dice roll. In case of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12 this bet wins, otherwise loses.