Electronic machines

Some time passed from the times of noisy machines giving you coins as earnings until the modern times of online slots machines having multiple pay lines and progressive jackpots. Let's have a look at this fascinating history.

The first slots machines

At the end of the 19th century, an American mechanic decided that the car parts remained from the repairing process could be used to create an interesting machine. The mechanic was also passionate about casinos, but he was fed up with the limited gambling options: poker, blackjack, and roulette.

The machine was noisy and easy to rig. Furthermore, it could be tricked with false coins and metal pieces. However, it is a decent model that can still be found in a Reno casino. The casino is called Liberty casino, borrowing the name of this first slot machine (Liberty Bell).

Unfortunately, the inventor was not aware about the value of this discovery. He refused all the collaboration proposals, making those machines in his old workshop. The competition was fast, developing some reliable slots machines having protection features and increased jackpots. Soon, the inventor had to close his business, remaining only with the consolation of inventing the most popular casino game ever.

The principles

Although you will only be required to pull a lever to spin the wheels, the mechanical slots machines are based on some complex parts. The parts must decide if you are worthy to win, and they must calculate your desire to bet more. Some slots machines are only releasing winnings when the player is decided to leave. This is why the people are spending hours in front of slots machines, although they are only winning scraps. The slots machines are also considered the main reason for gambling addiction; therefore, you must stop if you think you have this problem.

The online slots machines are more complex. Some advanced software could decide to release some winnings to you based on your state of mind! If you are thinking too much before placing bets, it means you are about to quit. Therefore, the virtual machine would release some earnings to you just to keep you at the table.